The Best Poutine in Victoria BC

When you think of authentic Canadian dishes look no further than one with origins in the province of Quebec. Of course I’m referring to that mouth watering combination of crisp, fresh cut french fries, cheese curds covered in flavourful gravy, poutine. Living in the most western province of British Columbia I have to admit I had not sampled poutine until about a year ago.

Poutine has found its way onto the menu of many local pubs and restaurants in Victoria BC, you can even find it featured at some fast food chains. Personally I’ve only managed to taste a few of the local offerings and I’m crazy about this dish.

Another transplanted idea is food trucks, and here in Victoria we have a wide variety of food sold from these vendors. People line up wherever these trucks are stationed, it might be just down the block, at a music festival or the annual food truck fair. When you can take your specialty anywhere in the south Vancouver Island you’re sure to have a loyal following. Food trucks are a trend that’s not going anywhere, combine that with the best poutine in town and you have a winner. L’Authentique Poutine and Burgers certainly has my vote with their mouth watering dishes.

Poutine originated in Warwick, Quebec in 1957, and happens to be the owner’s hometown, which explains the passion for poutine. Their food truck serves up more than the poutine you may have tasted before. Every french fry is hand cut, the basis of any true poutine dish I’m told. Beyond that their menu offers burger poutine, poutine topped with ground beef, or maybe poutine with, what else but Montreal Smoked meat on top. Some other items to choose from are those hand cut fries, loaded burgers or a burger topped with Montreal Smoked meat to mention just a few of their tasty meals.

Something wonderful happens when a city grows the way Victoria has in the last few years and that’s the wide variety of eateries. Every cuisine imaginable is here to tempt our taste buds and poutine has become a local favorite. L’Authentique Poutine and Burger is the name to look for when you want the best poutine in Victoria BC without a trip to Quebec.