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  • Marta
    Menu Last Updated On 04/12/23
  • Drink Specials

    Monday - Sunday
    3 PM - 6 PM

    - Snake Juice
    - Garibaldi
    - Espresso Martini
    - Michenada (non-Alcoholic)
    - Peroni
    - Hudson Noth Cider Co. Standard Cider 12oz Can
    - Brooklyn Brewery Pulp Art Double Hazy IPA 12oz Can
    - Rescue Club Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Pilsner 12oz Can
    - Wines

    Food Specials

    Monday - Sunday
    3 PM - 6 PM

    Marinara Pizza - $9
    Margherita Pizza - $10
    Butcher Pizza - $12
    Stracciatella Pizza - $13

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