Katsuya South Beach

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  • Katsuya South Beach
    Menu Last Updated On 07/26/23
  • Food Specials

    Monday - Sunday
    6 PM - 8 PM

    - Chef’s Nigiri Selection
    - Katsuya Veggie Roll (4 pieces)
    - Daikon Salad
    - Truffle Fatty Tuna Crispy Rice (3 pieces)
    - Salmon Lemon Roll (4 pieces)
    - Spicy Salmon Crispy Rice (3 pieces)
    - Spicy Tuna Roll (4 pieces)

    - Miso Soup
    - Crispy Brussel Sprouts
    - Snow Crab Donut
    - Short Rib Bao Bun
    - Short Rib Fried Rice
    - Prawn Shrimp Tempura Skewers (3 pieces)
    - Asparagus Fries
    - Baked Dynamite Oysters
    - Szechuan Ribs (3 pieces)

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