How does your website work?

Here are two videos on how to your use our website on desktop and mobile devices.

Do you have an app?

Not yet but we are hoping to launch an app in the summer or fall of 2022. The app will have better search functionality so you can find the ultimate happy hour faster.

Can I make a suggestion?

Yes please! Email us with your suggestions!

How do you find the menus?

We only add happy hour menus to each city if the establishment has a happy hour listed on their website. That way we have something tangible to see when doing our updates for each city. Obviously there are more happy hour offerings in each city but the establishment don’t list their menus on their websites.

How often do you update menus and cities?

We update each cities menus once or twice a year depending on how often the pages are visited.

How do I add or update a menu?

Please visit our adding/updating a menu page and fill out the menu the way we ask it to be formatted.