Best Victoria BC Restaurants 2018

The great thing about a connected world is that you are hip to the latest and greatest trends in the food world. In Victoria, BC, there is no dearth of food joints to go to, both established and up-and-coming. In the past few months, we’ve noted that these happy hours restaurants in Victoria have been getting good feedback:

MoLe – residing at the edge of a Chinatown that is Canada’s oldest, MoLe is a great place to go to for breakfast or lunch. If includes fresh farm-to-market produce in its recipes, which are notably creative. Since 2004, locals have been enjoying their eggs, hashes and burgers at all times of the day. Most of the fare can be made vegan and gluten-free. Popular items include a ciabatta and scrambled eggs with salmon.

Nourish Kitchen & Cafe – located at a heritage building dating back from 1888, Nourish entertains diners and after work visitors alike on two floors with a variety of recipes catering to hearty eaters and vegans alike. The cafe-lounge on the second floor offers free Wi-Fi to those wanting a quieter atmosphere to read or work. There is also a garden patio if fresh air is what you want.

Superbaba – tired of same old same old? Expand your culinary experience by trying out Superbaba. In the year since its opening, this Middle Eastern-themed restaurant has garnered critical acclaim for authentic recipes ranging from falafel, to kebabs to shawarma. Their pita is made in-house, and a sampler dish includes hummus, baba ganoush, pickles, and labneh. An airy and minimalist decor complements the authentic fare.

Chimac Korean Pub – another new established that’s catering to the Korean fried chicken craze, Chimac Korean Pub pairs its breaded fried chicken recipe with a choice of a garlic-soy or spicy-sweet sauces. Complement this with grilled corn or a hot pot dish and you’ll be sure to leave satisfied. If fried and chicken and beer is your mood for the moment, this Korean pub offers Sapporo as well as craft beers.

Stage – an established and respected wine bar that has twice been recognized as one of Victoria’s best restaurants, Stage Wine Bar offers tapas-style plates that arrive at your table as they come out of the kitchen. You can order simple pomme frites, sauteed mushrooms or a charcuterie platter. Feeling more adventurous? Then dive into octopus plates, bison sirloin, beef carpaccio, or salmon poke. Wash it all down with a grand selection of wines, bubblies, or cocktails.