Best Vancouver BC Restaurants for 2018

If you are looking for the newest and hottest restaurants in Vancouver that have been garnering some serious buzz, then this is the list you’ve been looking for.

From local seafood, steaks, Italian and Mexican cuisines, the restaurants below offer sumptuous and mouthwatering foods. Here are the lists of happy hours in Vancouver for 2018.

Two Rivers Meats

A famous name when it comes to restaurants in Vancouver, Two Rivers Meats is located in a spot in North Van and offers various choice cuts to its customers. Aside from their beautiful butcher shop, Two River Meats offers their consumers the chance to try out hand-cut, dry aged steaks cooked over wood or charcoal fire. Their burger and tallow fries are among the must-have. They also offer food items for vegetarians; however, it may be hard to swallow for some vegetarians with all the meat behind the glass panels.

Mr. Bannock | Indigenous Cuisine

Mr. Bannock is a famous food truck found around North Vancouver. You can locate them using the Street food app to make sure you can catch them since they often switch location. They offer crisp fluffy bannock topped with slow-roasted, luscious meats with a hint of spice at incredibly reasonable prices. With just $5, you can try out their juniper-berry dry-rubbed chicken taco, which is considered to be best and tastiest in town.

Coquille Fine Seafood

Coquille Fine Seafood is one of the top go-to restaurants if you want to have a deep dive into seafood. They are located in the heart of touristy Gastown. Their stylish rooms with coral-pink clamshell booths, scalloped tiles, and subtle fish-scale accents match with their expensive price and menu like the carefully plated but delightful kimchi Hamachi and the side stripe shrimp tostada. If you want to have the more affordable option, then try checking out their twice-a-day happy hours, which offers half-price oysters, on-tap negronis and Tommy’s Margaritas, and amazing crab and shrimp rolls.

Chancho Tortilleria

Chanco Tortilleria is the Mexican shop that will give you a mind-blowing dining experience, thanks to their fresh tortillas and amazing melting pork by the pound. Their campechano which is a combination of shoulder, belly and leg that’s hand-chopped and sprinkled with shards of crispy skin will surely make you happy. Their orders come with pickled red cabbage, salsas, pinto beans and of course, those amazing tortillas that are kissed with a hint of char. Enjoy their food on the nearby seawall for an amazing porky picnic or just stay and revel in the rowdy Mexican pop.