Best Pubs in Victoria BC

To the uninitiated, pubs, bars, lounges, and similar establishments are all the same. I guess if all you’re after is a drink to take the edge off a stressful day, then any joint that serves alcohol will do. But a pub has its own character that makes it like a second home to regulars and a calm, homey place to first-timers.

Pubs are transplants from jolly old England, where they sprouted as offshoots to taverns that were introduced by Romans when they set foot on the isles in 43 AD. But British ale soon replaced the wines served by the tabernae, and the public house, or pub, was born.

As a place that still is a focal point for nearby communities, the best pubs in Victoria BC provide a relaxing atmosphere to imbibe not just beer, but also food and friendly company. It goes without saying that pubs have adapted to changing tastes and they will have a selection of other drinks and cocktails to cater to the tastes of its clientele.

In Victoria, these pubs consistently rate well, whether you go by word of mouth or look up reviews on the internet. They also have great happy hours in Victoria BC.

    • Garrick’s Head Pub – as one of the oldest authentic English pubs in Canada, you’ll feel cozy ambiance and atmosphere that have made pubs the popular gathering places they have become throughout the world. A huge selection of Victorian and Canadian craft beers make this establishment a popular choice for beer lovers.

    • Irish Times – consistently gets good reviews for its great food. Not known to many is their belly-busting Irish breakfast that will get you through most of the working day. Located in a historical building, this pub is also known for its live music.

    • Bartholomew’s – whether you love a good craft beer or a wine, this pub has a good selection. Located practically steps from two hotels, this establishment is popular with the older working crowd.

    • The Six Mile Pub – established in 1855, this pub is the oldest in BC. Wash down their famous steak and mushroom pie with any of the 20-plus beers on tap.

    • Maude Hunter’s Pub – this 20-year old establishment continues to be popular for its consistently good food and wide selection of beers. Service is always top notch, which adds to the pleasant experience.

    • Smuggler’s Cove – known for its decent food and selection of drinks, the Irish Times features a patio that is a refreshing spot if you want some air after a day at the office. TVs strategically placed throughout keep you up to date with the latest sports events.

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